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Everyone thinks but it is only a minority of people who are deep thinkers and think a lot about certain things such as religion, politics, philosophy and the mysteries of the universe.  You should join the club if you want to find those people.  Here us great thinkers can get together to help each other in our thought processes and unanswered questions. You might not know the answer but another member might. So together we can create great and wonderful thoughts and advance in our mental and spiritual development. Joining this club could be the best chess move you ever did to achieve your thinking mission. The objective is to provide you with information and guidance.

When you send me an email tell me some of your greatest or most precious thoughts so that I can assess whether you are a suitable for belonging to this club. If I think you take thinking seriously you can join. If you want to be a part of this exciting journey of your mind, inner space and mental challenges email me at to get started. It is free to join this club.  There is no reason why you shouldn't be accepted if you are serious.  It doesn't matter whether your intelligent or stupid.  What counts is that you are a serious thinker.

This club is special because it only accepts those who are committed to their thoughtful questions.  Here you should find people who are not being silly.  I want the right kind of people so that you don't waste your time communicating with someone who can't help you in your search for the truth.  One way of showing commitment is by being bothered to email me.  I will be analysing your message carefully so that I can know that you are suitable.  This might seem strict but it is the right way and perhaps the only way to prevent unwanted people from joining.

This club should provide you with the opportunity to study the subject of your choice.  This could be religion, philosophy, psychology, politics or whatever. 

It is so frustrating that there are not enough thinkers.  That is problem that can be solved if people find thinkers.  The reason that there  are so many who don't might be because they can't be bothered. Human beings are not robots.  Human beings are capable of thought yet relatively few are deep thinkers.  To live, grow old and die without using one's mind is really depressing and boring.  Minds should not be wasted.  I want to use my brain.  That is what it is for.

The problem is that people alive now don't seem to be any happier than those alive thousands of years ago despite all the inventions such as the television, car and aeroplane.  This is because there is a lack of thinking.  Can you tell me of an invention to make people happy?  It would be nice to go into a shop and buy happiness but this is not possible.  The internet is a potentially useful invention.  It provides us with an opportunity to escape the limitation of a physical environment that isolates us and makes it difficult to find other thinkers.  You might be pleasantly surprised that there really are millions of people out there who are as thoughtful and as complex as yourself.

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